Being At Home Outside

Early Childhood Outdoors (ECO) is a social enterprise seeking to increase the amount and quality of outdoor experience for young children across the UK, through collaborative and enabling work with a wide range of development, teaching, research and design organisations providing support in this field, in order to maximise impact.

The Aims of Early Childhood Outdoors


Connect - Through the Meshwork

Create a meshwork to link people, bodies, organisations and other entities who are working to provide strong outdoor experiences and/or support others.


Build Capacity for Outdoor Experiences

Encourage and support consultants and centres to encourage and support providers to create effective, rich and rewarding outdoor experiences for all children.


Dig - to Build Pedagogic Practices

Push the boundaries of outdoor provision and practice. Dig into what it means to provide education through play outdoors.

Our Five Core Values

Collaborative and Collective

Collaborative and Collective

Working by supporting others to do what they are aiming to do and achieve – giving not taking.

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Joining people and organisations together into a meshwork, to make their collective work more visible, rewarding and effective, and to provide a voice nationally.

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Build Upon and Acknowledge

Learn from and help to take forward past and existing work across the UK and elsewhere with generosity and appreciation.

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Connect and Catalyse

Connect and Catalyse

Bring about new possibilities by being the link between others (through juxtaposition and serendipity) that provides the spark for new ideas or opportunities for action.

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Push Boundaries

Develop and deepen understanding and awareness of what it means to experience the outdoors, fully harness its potential and develop pedagogy.

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Our Strands

Of Work

Who We Are

Early Childhood Outdoors was co-founded by Professor Jan White.  Jan is a leading thinker and writer on outdoor play and advocate for high quality outdoor provision for services for children from birth to seven, working across the UK and internationally, 

Find out more about Prof Jan White and the origins of ECO here

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