Professor Jan White on what ‘being outdoors’ means for children

In a wide-ranging interview for the Early Years Summit ‘Leading Practitioners, Leading Practice’, Professor Jan White discussed outdoor play, its benefits and what this means for children. In this excerpt, taken from the hour’s interview, Professor White describes what she believes to be core opportunities for young children outdoors: to move, to play and to follow their own interests.

Obviously, this is only a fraction of the full interview.  One topic that we discussed earlier in the interview is Professor White’s ‘3 hours outdoors’ awareness campaign, which is designed to grow people’s consciousness about how much children need to be outdoors and how the indoors is, in many ways, a deficit environment. 

There are now 7 Early Years Summits that you can choose from, including one that is dedicated entirely to Outdoor Play and Learning, in which Professor White discusses how she has designed and developed her 12 Keys for Unlocking the Potential of the Outdoors.

If you purchase any of the Summits through this Affiliate link here, a donation is also made to Early Childhood Outdoors.

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