Puddle Play

Menna Godfrey describes the depth of experience that a simple puddle can provide

How much learning can a puddle offer?  Is it okay to allow a child to spend so much time apparently ‘just’ standing in a puddle?  What might different individuals get from being able to take as much time as they need to ‘be’ in (or with) this puddle?

In her interview with Kathy Brodie for the Early Years Summit on Outdoor Play and Learning, lead pedagogue and owner of Quackers Playgroup, Menna Godfrey shares her own investigations of children’s Puddle Play, which she explored for her Masters dissertation.  In this excerpt, she explores not only the richness of experience she witnessed but also the underpinning decision-making that the staff needed to make.

Of course, we were expecting that the ECO meshwork would be seeing each other in person in Sheffield tomorrow for our annual professional gathering.  Due to the necessary postponement, I’m delighted to take this opportunity instead to let you all know that Menna is now formally co-director of Early Childhood Outdoors CIC and is sharing her wisdom, energy and commitment to the right of every child to be outdoors every day, throughout their early years.

We have been exploring options for a new date for the postponed ECO professional gathering, given the continuing uncertainties and changes, and are pleased to announce that the fabulous day we had planned and prepared will now take place on Saturday 20th March 2021 – same place, same times!

This is only a fraction of Menna’s playful but deeply thoughtful interview – you can watch the full conversation as part of the Outdoor Play and Learning Summit.  There are now 7 Early Years Summits that you can watch, each with a wide range of interviews on leading themes.  With 9.5 hours of video, the Summit dedicated to Outdoor Play and Learning also features Jan White, Michael Follet, Dr Sue Elliott, Natalie Canning, Julie Mountain, Julie Ann White, Angela Hanscom, Juliet Robertson, Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, Kathryn Solly, Toni and Robin Christie, Terri Harrison, Claire Warden, Erin Kenny and Liz Edwards.

If you purchase any of the Summits through this Affiliate Link here, a donation will be made to Early Childhood Outdoors.




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